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TGIF13 – Day Five: Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning


It took the producers of the Friday the 13th series only one year to renege on the promised finality of The Final Chapter, which at the time might have seemed even more crass than it does nowadays, seeing as how we all now know never to believe that sort of claim with a horror series, anyway. But, no matter, the fact is another Friday film DID happen. Thankfully, even though they might have really considered calling it quits with the last one, they had still ended that movie with an intriguing hint of possible things to come, thus giving this new entry an excellent opportunity to pick up on that plot thread and give fans a new villain they were already familiar with, and had an actual connection to.

Instead, they made THIS. Sigh.

So what’s the problem here? Read on to find out. And remember, as always, SPOILERS AHEAD.

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