TGIF13 – Day Four: Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter


The Friday the 13th series comes to a close, and so does this series of reviews, with this – the final film of the series. It was a good run, but alas. all good things…

Nah, I’m just screwing with you. Of course this isn’t REALLY the end…but audiences in 1984 were sure sold the idea it would be. The question is, even with the hindsight that this wasn’t really the grand finale, does the film at least still deliver on the high expectations of such a promise? Check out the review below to find out. And, as always, SPOILERS AHEAD.

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TGIF13 – Day Three: Friday the 13th Part 3


My series of Friday the 13th reviews enters a new dimension today…but is that necessarily a good thing? Put on your red/blue glasses* and read on, as we take a look at perhaps the most gimmicky Friday film of them all. Oh, and as always, these reviews contain plenty of SPOILERS, popping right out at your face like an eyeball squeezed from a human head.

* wearing red/blue glasses will NOT aid in the reading of this review.

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TGIF13 – Day Two: Friday the 13th Part 2


TGIF13 continues, with a look at what some might consider the real start of the series, thanks to a certain hockey ma….errr…burlap sack-wearing madman. That’s right, Jason is here to slice and dice. How does his first go at the series’ main villain stack up to the original film? Read on to find out. And, as always, SPOILERS A-HEAD.

“A head.” Like Mrs. Vorhees’ severed head. Get it?? Ahh, never mind…

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TGIF13 – Day One: Friday the 13th (1980)


While you’ll never hear me say any of the Friday the 13th films are “great movies,” it is unquestionably one of my favorite film series ever. Why? Over the next twelve days, I will attempt to answer that question, with a series of reviews covering the entire franchise. For each individual entry I will also compile a “body” and “boob” count, point out the “crazy old coot” character, and finish up by pointing out both minor and major nitpicks I had with the movies (usually relating to things like questionable continuity and the like). Just a warning…these columns are primarily meant to be enjoyed by fans of the series, so I’m assuming most of the readers will have already seen the films. This means there will be SPOILERS galore. Read at your own risk. Now, without further ado, let’s kick it off with a look at the one that started it all…

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Documentaries To Watch On Halloween


With October 31st almost upon us, I am officially in full “Halloween Movie Viewing” mode. Now, granted, as a gigantic horror fan, it’s not like I need any excuse to watch a bunch of scary movies. But, still, there’s a special feeling that comes with the marathon viewing that happens in October. It just feels…right.

If you’re like me, you have your standard go-to films for every October (for me, it’s Return of the Living Dead, Bride of Frankenstein, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Monster Squad and, of course, Halloween), and you also try to mix in some fright flicks you haven’t seen before. Now, this can get tough if you tend to spend the other eleven months over-doing it with horror, too. Have you really left yourself any unseen gems by the time Halloween comes around? Don’t worry, if not, I’m here to help. And I do so by suggesting you think a little outside the box. For instance, why not mix it up and throw some documentaries into this year’s Halloween movie fest? But which documentaries actually fit the mold for the season, you ask? Well, allow me to offer a few suggestions:

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Halloween – Reimagined with Crappy Michael Myers Masks


You’d be forgiven for assuming the above image is from a film about a killer in a Don Knotts mask. In actuality, it is just one of many examples I have found of absolutely atrocious Michael Myers masks that are (or have been) available to purchase for those wishing to spend October 31st as their favorite cinematic Boogeyman.

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