Interview with Don May Jr. of Synapse Films


In the latest episode of the If It Bleeds, You Can Kill It podcast, Byrd and Trev are thrilled to welcome the man behind one of the top cult and genre DVD/Blu-ray labels, Don May Jr. of Synapse Films.

In this wide-ranging discussion, we talk with Don about the current challenges of running a small home video company, the future of physical media (including the impact of streaming and 4K blu-rays), his experience working with directors like Tobe Hooper on restoring their classic films, giving Adam Wingard his big break, the decision behind Synapse’s release of TRIUMPH OF THE WILL, and – of course – the upcoming definitive blu-ray of the Dario Argento classic, SUSPIRIA! Don also shares some heartfelt memories and thoughts on his friend, the late, great George Romero.

This one’s a must listen, and we can’t thank Don enough for being so generous with his time, and for one hell of a conversation.


Direct Link:  Interview with Don May Jr.!

Google Play:  Click here.

iTunes:  Click here.


And if you enjoy the interview, and love the kind of wild cinema we discuss, be sure to visit the Synapse website and support this incredible company. Let’s all do our part to keep physical media alive as long as possible!

Click here for a list of upcoming screenings of Synapse’s 4K DCP restoration of Suspiria!




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